PCBs Projects

Clean Estuary Partnership
Provided scientific information for a partnership of wastewater treatment plants, stormwater management agencies, industrial plants, and waster quality regulatory agencies regarding sources of copper in urban runoff and cost-effective strategies for minimizing copper and PCBs releases into urban runoff. Work involved quantification of pollutant sources and reductions achieved through pollution prevention (source reduction) strategies.

PCBs in Caulk Project
Provided technical and regulatory information used toward development of a program to prevent PCB releases into San Francisco Bay area waterways from PCBs that were historically used in building caulk.

PCBs Reports

Larry Walker Associates, TDC Environmental, and Geosyntec, Model Implementation Process for a Municipal Program to Reduce PCBs in Runoff Associated with Demolition and Remodeling Projects. Prepared for the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, 2011

Moran, K.D. et al. “First Phase Support Information for PCB Portion of Taking Action for Clean Water Grant.” Prepared for the Clean Estuary Partnership. 2007

Corneillie, K., B. Elzufon, A. Blake, and K. Moran, PCB TMDL Implementation Plan Development Document. Prepared for the Clean Estuary Partnership, May 2006
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