TDC Environmental, LLC solves environmental problems.

TDC identifies scientifically robust, cost-effective solutions for environmental challenges faced by California state and local governments. TDC’s President, Kelly D. Moran, Ph.D. conducts water quality technical studies, provides regulatory interpretation, and works with client teams to develop and implement practical strategic programs capable of ending water pollution problems.

TDC Environmental, LLC’s Services and Expertise

Urban Stormwater Runoff Wastewater Source Water Protection (Drinking Water)

• Pesticides and Water Quality Expert
• Effective Strategies or Reducing Copper and Zinc in Wastewater and Stormwater
• Stormwater PCBs and Dioxins Sources and Source Control
• Quantification of Water Pollutant Loads
• Quantification of the Benefits of “Source Control” for Urban Stormwater Runoff
• Urban Stormwater Runoff Environmental Compliance
• Wastewater & Stormwater Source Control
• Wastewater Environmental Compliance
• Environmental Impact Analysis (CEQA/NEPA)
• Risk Assessment Review
• Training for Environmental Professionals

TDC Environmental, LLC is a woman-owned small business.
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