The UP3 Partnership (abbreviation for Urban Pesticides Pollution Prevention Partnership) is a term that refers to the informal collaboration of municipalities, the California Stormwater Quality Association, and the California State and Regional Water Boards to bring about change in how pesticides are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The overarching goal of the UP3 Partnership is that urban surface waters will not be impaired by currently registered pesticides. Collaboration is generally in the form of coordinated communication with pesticide regulators, sharing of information, and contribution of staff and consultant time and other resources in support of the shared goal.

Although municipal wastewater treatment plants are not currently part of this collaboration, to the extent that they participate in the future, their contributions may also be included within the meaning of the term.

The UP3 Partnership is an outgrowth of the UP3 Project, which shared a common goal. The former UP3 Project was a broader effort that included activities such the Urban Pesticides Committee that are not currently supported.

UP3 Partnership’s highest priority pesticides

Urban Pesticide Use Resources

Survey of Pesticide Use by Homeowners in Two California Residential Neighborhoods 2015

University of California Urban Pesticide User Surveys

Retail Shelf Surveys

San Francisco Bay Area comparison of agricultural and urban pesticide use, 2005

UP3 Urban Pesticide Use Trends Annual Reports:
2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

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